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Fuel Injection Systems Explained for Automotive Service Technicians in Training

Whether it is gasoline or diesel, every car with a combustible engine requires fuel to function. However, the fuel alone is no use without a reliable and efficient way for…
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3 New Safety Features Future Automotive Service Technicians Will Love

Modern cars are far, far safer than what used to be sold, and they’re getting safer all the time. Everything from design tweaks to modern innovations in sensor and computer…
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4 Easy-to-Fix Cars that Automotive Service Technicians Will Love

Some cars just aren’t designed with the mechanic in mind. Many cars have batteries located in the trunk or behind the wheel well, or engine components that can only be…
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Infographic: Transmission Care for Your Car

Your car’s transmission is an important and pricey component. When it works well, drivers can easily shift between gears, speed up, and slow down. When it’s not working so well,…
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Attention Students in Service Technician Training: Tesla Takes Initiative, Issues Massive Recall

Tesla’s recalling of 90,000 Model S cars due to a seatbelt issue has had the auto industry buzzing over the past week. The electric car manufacturer’s stock has lost around…
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