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Luxury Automakers All Racing to Make Million-dollar Cars

In the past 10 years, almost every luxury auto maker has produced at least one model with a seven-digit price tag. Many of us can only dream of the chance…
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The Dusenberg Drag Race is Back!

Car enthusiasts and students in auto mechanic courses alike will be happy to know that the Dusenberg Drag Race is returning this September. If you can make it down to…
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Kenguru: The World’s First Truly Wheelchair Accessible Car

Trained professionals who have taken auto mechanic courses are capable of making a car wheelchair accessible, however this is certainly no easy (or cheap) task. There are currently very few…
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Auto Enthusiasts Celebrate Jeep’s 75th Birthday!

This summer, Jeep—America’s favourite military-inspired truck— will be celebrating its 75th birthday.  Auto enthusiasts will be honouring the world’s first Jeep, the Bantam Reconnaissance Car, at the Bantam Jeep Heritage…
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Canadians Love Their CUVs

There was once a time when most Canadian drivers fell into one of two categories: the gas-guzzling pick-up truck driver, or the economical and fuel-efficient compact passenger vehicle driver. However,…
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