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Pursuing Auto Service Training? 5 Tips for Effectively Communicating with Customers

Customer service is an important aspect of operations in any auto repair shop or dealership. Vehicle repairs can be expensive and lengthy, and establishing a dialogue of communication with your…
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How to Keep Customers Coming Back with Automotive Sales Training

If you’re new to car sales, you might assume that all of the important work happens in the dealership. While the initial meet and greet, test drive, and negotiation are…
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How to Stay Organized for Dispatcher Courses and Beyond

Dispatchers help transportation companies run like well-oiled machines by keeping files in order, coordinating routes with drivers, and scheduling shipments. As you can imagine, the more organized you are as…
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How to Sell Broken Windows: Tesla’s Cybertruck Debut for Students in Auto Sales College

Imagine promising that a vehicle has “unbreakable” windows and then, to prove it, you throw a ball at one of the windows and—it shatters! That’s exactly what happened during the…
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Interested in Mechanic Training? 5 Things You Should Know about the Ford Airbag Recall

While product recalls are nothing new in the auto industry, the recent airbag recall has been one of the biggest in history, affecting millions of vehicles worldwide. For anyone interested…
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