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A Guide to Semi-Trucks and Their Engines for Auto Mechanic School Students

If you’ve been on a highway recently, then you’ll know just how common semi-trucks are on the road. These huge vehicles are hard to miss, and serve an important function…
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All-Season vs. All-Terrain Tire Treads: Those in Automotive School Should Know Which Drives Better in the Snow

Without the right kind of tires, driving in the snow can leave drivers in a bad spot. Anyone braving the elements will need tire treads providing the right amount of…
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If You’re in Automotive School, Look Out for the Genesis GV70 in 2021

The upcoming Genesis GV70 is a fresh, exciting take on the typical SUV. Hyundai’s luxury brand has unveiled plans for the fifth model in its lineup. First previewed last October,…
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What Is Downhill Cruise Control? Hill Descent Control Explained for Those in Automotive School

Downhill cruise control allows drivers to have the safest possible ride down a steep incline. Also known as hill descent control, this system allows anti-lock brake systems and traction control…
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How Do Air Suspended Vehicles Actually Work? An Overview for Those in a Mechanic Program

A car without need of suspension? That might sound strange if you’re unaware of the notion—but it’s more doable than you think! While traditional suspension systems help keep cars safe,…
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