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Turning Your Passion for Cars into a Career: 3 Reasons Those with Automotive Sales Careers Love Their Job

If you’ve been waiting for the opportunity to talk about cars all day long, here it is! A successful career as a car salesperson only takes two things: liking cars…
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2022 Hyundai Tucson: What Those in Automotive Sales Training Should Know

We’ve seen a lot of mainstream affordable compact crossover SUVs unveiled over the years, with each new release garnering little more than halted applause and a whole lot of yawns….
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A Look at the Most Anticipated Cars of 2021 for Those in Auto Sales School

The global pandemic might have put a halt to the massive auto shows car manufacturers have traditionally used as the standard for announcing exciting new concepts and releases—but it hasn’t…
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Enrolled in Auto Sales School? ’Here’s What You Should Know About the 2021 BMW i4

It’s just easier to sell some cars than others. BMW is surely banking to prove the point with its 2021 i4, a hotly awaited all-electric four-door sedan slated to hit…
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Best Family Cars of 2020 for Those in Auto Sales School

For many people, finding the car that suits both them and their kids can be an art form by itself. Most likely, they’ll be in search of something that can…
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