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Paint Guns: What You’ll Need To Know Before Starting Your Automotive Painting Career

Spray guns are used as the standard way of applying an even coat of paint to vehicle panels without having to worry about brush strokes affecting a car’s finished look….
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3 Things Auto Body Technician Students Should Know About Paint Stripping

Stripping paint off of a car is the first step towards giving it a fresh look—whether it’s for a restoration project or simply because drivers sometimes get bored of looking…
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Check Out This All-New Multipurpose Carport System

An Italian design firm recently developed GazeBox— a multi-purpose carport system that can be used to store a vehicle. The retractable cover system provides year-round protection from theft as well…
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The 4 Coolest Car Museums in the World

One thing that all students pursuing auto careers have in common is their love of cars. In fact, whether you are enrolled in auto mechanic training, or perhaps hoping to…
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A Quick Guide to Selecting Automotive Paint

When it comes to choosing car paint, a lot of changes have happened since the classic black of Henry Ford’s Model T. New colours, developments, and trends have made car…
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