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Test Driving Used Cars: A Guide For Auto Mechanic College Students

Buying a car is a big event that will afford the buyer new and exciting opportunities. At the same time, purchasing a used car requires a little more attention. It…
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Interested in a Career as an Automotive Mechanic? 5 Tips to Win Customers Over

The success of a business hinges on its ability to sell products and services to customers, and keep them coming back. For auto repair shops, the ability to attract customers…
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Engine Oil Additives Explained for Professionals in Automotive Careers

For any engine to truly run like a well-oiled machine, the oil needs to contain certain additives. Engine oil additives are the compounds that help oil perform specified functions within…
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All About the Many Types of Gaskets in Vehicles: A Quick Overview for Aspiring Automotive Mechanics

To “blow a gasket” is a common expression people like to throw around to mean that something has burst. Usually, when it’s used to describe someone’s behaviour, it means they’re…
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Want to Know How to Become a Mechanic? Find Out How Canada Motor Jobs Could Help!

After graduating from Automotive Training Schools (ATC), you will not just have the tools to work as a skilled mechanic, but also the tools to find the perfect job or…
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