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Check Out Ferrari’s New SUV Project If You’re in Auto Technician Training

Ferrari has been an industry leader in the manufacturing of luxury sports vehicles since 1947. As one of the most innovative and revered automakers in the world, when Ferrari announces…
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3 Types of Preventive Maintenance Every Automotive Maintenance Technician Should Know

Preventive maintenance is a big part of your job as a technician and it has the obvious benefit of saving cars from serious problems down the road. Plus, your customers…
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Top 4 Questions Asked in Job Interviews to Become an Automotive Maintenance Technician

Job interviews can be nerve wracking, and ones to become automotive maintenance technicians are no exception. However, by preparing for questions that might be asked you will feel more confident…
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How Volvo Became an Industry Safety Leader: A Look Back in Time for Students in Car Mechanic Training

There’s a reason why many—if not most—automakers proudly proclaim the successes of their vehicles on mandatory safety tests: people like the idea of driving something that will protect them if…
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Surprising Parts That Automotive Maintenance Technicians Can Recycle

It takes a lot of resources to make auto parts. Metal, plastic, and a whole bunch of other materials need to be mined or made, melted down and shaped, and…
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