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“I Filled My Car with Diesel Instead of Gas”: Using Auto Technician Training to Save the Day

There’s a reason why diesel pumps are a different size than gasoline ones: mixing them up isn’t a mistake any driver wants to make! By accidentally pumping diesel into a…
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2018 Detroit Auto Show Highlights: 3 Big Takeaways for Students Taking Automotive Courses

It’s no secret that the Detroit Auto Show has lost some of its previous panache. Squished in too closely to the LA Auto Show in December and the Consumer Electronics…
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VW “Dieselgate” Scandal: An Update for Students Taking Automotive Courses

In one of the biggest automotive scandals in recent years, Volkswagen officials have confessed to installing a “defeat device” in half a million of their diesel vehicles. The device was…
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An Insider Look at the 2016 Camaro Convertible

Auto-lovers know that the iconic Chevrolet Mustang was first introduced to the world in 1966. The car was produced by the auto company as an attempt to compete with the…
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Most Impressive Auto Auctions Around the World

An auto auction is a public sale where both new and used vehicles are sold to the highest bidder. Car auctions can be found in most parts of the world,…
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