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The Turbulent History of Aston Martin: An Overview for Students in Auto Technology School

The name Aston Martin conjures up images of sleek cars outfitted with clever contraptions, and the luxury and intrigue of James Bond. But while the idea of the Aston Martin…
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A Quick Look at the 2019 Toyota Avalon for Students at Automotive Schools

Students in mechanic training should always be keeping an eye on the latest developments in car engineering and design, and the new 2019 Toyota Avalon is no exception. Although the…
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Hit the Gas in Your Automotive Technology Program with This Guide to Turbochargers

Although turbochargers first raced into the automotive scene in high-performance sports cars, they were soon adopted by auto manufacturers looking to increase fuel economy in smaller engines, and today are…
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Which is Best? A Guide to Front and Mid-Engine Models for Students in Mechanic Courses

Due its effect on the car’s overall balance and centre of gravity, engine placement is a key aspect of reducing or enhancing how a vehicle responds to its steering input….
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Warning: What these 5 Lights Could Signal after Auto Technology School

Just because a vehicle still feels good to drive doesn’t mean that there aren’t problems under the hood. Lights popping up on the dashboard shouldn’t be ignored. This is a…
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