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What Professionals in Automotive Careers Should Know About Planetary Gear Sets

If you’ve ever wondered what gearbox an automatic transmission vehicle is equipped with, it’s most likely a planetary gearbox. Named for the manner in which the gears rotate around each…
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3 Skills to Build During an Auto Mechanic Apprenticeship

On the path to becoming a professional auto mechanic, you will need to gain adequate experience in a working environment. An apprenticeship program is all about learning. You’ll have the…
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How to Craft the Perfect Cover Letter After Auto Mechanic School

If you’re just starting to think about applying for jobs in the automotive industry after becoming a mechanic, it’s important to note that a cover letter should be included in…
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Interested in Automotive Careers? Here’s a Look at the Future of Autonomous Vehicles

While completely driverless cars still have yet to break their way into the mainstream automotive industry, there’s been plenty of progression in the field of autonomous vehicle technology. With companies…
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A Look at Diesel Exhaust Fluid for a Professional Auto Technician

Ever wondered why diesel engines require diesel exhaust fluid? It all has to do with the fact that diesel engines emit more pollutants than traditional internal combustion engines. Before environmental…
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