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Engine Oil Additives Explained for Professionals in Automotive Careers

For any engine to truly run like a well-oiled machine, the oil needs to contain certain additives. Engine oil additives are the compounds that help oil perform specified functions within…
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The History of Seatbelts Explained for Those in Automotive Careers

Seatbelts are essential for keeping drivers and passengers safe in any vehicle. Not wearing them—or not having them at all—is a potential disaster waiting to happen. That said, seatbelts haven’t…
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All About the Many Types of Gaskets in Vehicles: A Quick Overview for Aspiring Automotive Mechanics

To “blow a gasket” is a common expression people like to throw around to mean that something has burst. Usually, when it’s used to describe someone’s behaviour, it means they’re…
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Everything Students in Car Sales Training Should Know About the 2020 Mercedes E53

The 2020 Mercedes-AMG E53 sedan, with the cheapest starting prices in the E53 lineup, is a 5-seater as luxurious as it is powerful. It comes with endless upgrade options for…
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4 Advanced Car Technologies and Trends Pros With Automotive Careers Might Soon See

The world’s technology is moving at an incredibly rapid pace, with news of artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things, big data, deep neural networks, and other such advancements dominating…
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