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How to Keep Customers Coming Back with Automotive Sales Training

If you’re new to car sales, you might assume that all of the important work happens in the dealership. While the initial meet and greet, test drive, and negotiation are…
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How Sustainability is Expected to Change Automotive Careers in the Future

The motor industry is changing. The era of loud, fuel-guzzling vehicles is almost behind us, and automakers are becoming increasingly focused on sustainability. Historically, car buyers were concerned about three…
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How to Perfect Your Fleet Maintenance Manager Resume After Dispatch Training

Imagine: you’ve got your qualifications, a number of key skills at your disposal, and experience to boot. How do you communicate your fleet management expertise to your future employer? Crafting…
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Deciding Between Automotive Careers? 4 Signs You Would Make a Great Dispatcher

If you want a career in the trucking industry, but don’t want to be behind the wheel, dispatching might be right for you. Trucking carries with it a number of…
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[Infographic] Top Automotive Tech Trends to Watch For

Automotive technology has come a long way since the first cars were introduced in the late nineteenth century—without headlights, suspension, or even seat belts. As students in automotive school know,…
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