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Save Christmas By Picking Santa’s New Ride

It turns out elves make lousy auto technicians, and Santa’s sleigh isn’t drivable anymore. Now he has to give it up and upgrade to something a little better. Christmas depends…
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Infographic: 10 Canadian Car Facts Every Mechanic Should Know!

Canada’s auto industry has long been one of the main driving forces in our economy, and is currently the largest contributor to the country’s manufacturing gross domestic product (GDP), supporting…
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Auto Technology Face Off: Electric Vs. Hybrid Vehicles

You have two options if you don’t want a car that runs solely off of gasoline: hybrid cars and electric cars. Both can run off of electricity, and both are…
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4 Costly Mistakes From The History of Auto Technology

The history of automobiles is long and interesting, boasting many successes and significant advancements in technology. Unfortunately, that’s not true in all cases. Auto technology has had its fair share…
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These Concept Cars Show The Future Is Good-Looking For Auto Technology

With the way things have developed in the auto industry over the past few years, everyone’s excited to see what the cars of the future have in store. There are…
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