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Want to Become an Auto Body Technician? Here’s What You Should Know About Crumple Zones

As any auto body technician can tell you, modern cars have a tendency to crumple and deform in collisions. While this might seem like a flaw, either in design or…
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Save Christmas By Picking Santa’s New Ride

It turns out elves make lousy auto technicians, and Santa’s sleigh isn’t drivable anymore. Now he has to give it up and upgrade to something a little better. Christmas depends…
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How Does Tiptronic Transmission Work? 3 Facts for Future Auto Technicians

With as little as 2% of young Canadian drivers now learning to drive stick, automatic transmission is very much the standard for most Canadian cars. For those that can drive…
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How Auto Technicians Repair Fire-Damaged Cars

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. And when it involves a vehicle that’s been damaged by fire and smoke, the role of a skilled auto body technician becomes critical. Car fires…
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Taking Auto Technician Courses? Here’s What You’ll Need to Know About Wheel Alignment

Most drivers don’t pay much attention to the wheel alignment of their cars, and this can be a huge and costly mistake. A properly aligned car will drive safer and…
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