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Innovations of Italdesign’s Parcour Concept

Auto shows are full of plenty of flashy new vehicles and all types of concept cars not ready for mass production that are meant to showcase new styling and technology…
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WaterCar Panther is Ambitiously Amphibious

Just in time for summer, a new promotional video has been making the rounds for the WaterCar Panther from the self-described makers of the world’s fastest amphibious vehicles. If you’ve…
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Pagani’s New Zonda Revolucion is the Ultimate Supercar

Pagani just unveiled the latest, and likely the last, in its line of ultra-high-performance Zonda supercars: the Revolucion. Since automotive engineer Horacio Pagani started his company in 1992, it has…
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Lasers and Invisible Rain: Headlights Looking Forward

We don’t think about them often, except when blinded by oncoming high-beams, but headlights have come a long way since they were literally lanterns with a reflecting mirror. After Cadillac…
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Flying Cars and More from the Hyundai Idea Festival

Sometimes the best ideas come from just keeping things fun. We’ve looked previously at lots of different concept cars, where car designers are free to unleash their creative powers to…
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