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Top Hybrids of 2016- A Guide for Students Pursuing Auto Industry Careers

For students pursuing careers in the auto industry, hybrid cars are one of the most important new developments in recent years. The vehicles, which combine traditional gasoline engines with electric…
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Auto Reconditioning for Used Cars

Throughout the last century, musicians like Bruce Springsteen and Tom Waits have waxed nostalgic about the glory of older cars.  So iconic has the image of the ol’ 55 sitting…
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What You Need to Start Your Own Auto Repair Garage

Most people who graduate from mechanic colleges will go on to work as an employee at an auto body shop. However, those with an entrepreneurial spirit may decide to open…
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What makes a great SUV?

There are so many things to consider when you’re looking to purchase a new car: what make should you choose? What model and colour? But perhaps the first question you…
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Meet Lamborghini’s New 910hp Hybrid – The Asterion

When we think of a Lamborghini, we wouldn’t normally think hybrid, but that is the exact definition of the all-new Asterion concept car. This new vehicle, just revealed at the…
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