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5 Failed Car Companies that Students Pursuing Auto Careers Might Remember

Many auto mechanic students daydream about designing their own car. Unfortunately, not everyone can be Henry Ford, and automotive history is littered with entrepreneurs debuting ambitious plans for innovative vehicles,…
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Maintenance Scheduling: A Guide for Students in Auto Service Programs

Are you passionate about connecting people with the services they need? Consider a career in auto service coordination and maintenance scheduling. A maintenance scheduler is a specialized member of an…
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4 Effective Sales Tips For The Future Auto Service Advisor

Handling the sale of parts and services is perhaps the most crucial aspect of an auto service advisor’s job. As the first point of contact with customers, these professionals have…
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5 Car Maintenance Myths Debunked

It’s a fact: when it comes to basic car maintenance, drivers need to get their facts straight. Mechanics know—even drivers with the best intentions often throw money away on unnecessary…
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Understanding Automotive Systems: A Guide for Auto Service Training Students

If you’re interested in automotive mechanics, you’ll know that every vehicle is essentially a finely tuned machine. From Ferraris to Fords, under almost every convertible roof or shiny hood ornament…
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