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A Guide to Semi-Trucks and Their Engines for Auto Mechanic School Students

If you’ve been on a highway recently, then you’ll know just how common semi-trucks are on the road. These huge vehicles are hard to miss, and serve an important function…
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What Auto Service College Students Should Know About Staying Safe During a Winter Breakdown

At the best of times, car breakdowns are stressful and time-consuming. But what happens if a driver experiences car failure during a cold Canadian winter? A winter breakdown is more…
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A Brief History of Convertible Cars for Students in Auto Mechanic School

There’s just something magical about a convertible. Feeling the wind through your hair, and hearing that growl of the engine surround you as you accelerate – it all just seems…
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The Best Looking F1 Cars of All Time for Those in Automotive School

This year’s Formula 1 is now well underway. As any car fanatic will tell you, while the F1 is very much about the speed and power of cars—and the skills…
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How to Create a Perfect Home Study Space for Online Automotive Training

For many people, working and studying from home is the ideal situation. There is no commute, so you might get a little more sleep, or maybe you’ll save a little…
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