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Working in a Heavy Duty Truck Repair Facility After Automotive School

Ready to embark on a new career path? If you’ve been considering jobs within the automotive industry, you might want to consider training to become a heavy duty mechanic. Generally,…
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Enrolled in Auto Mechanic School? Here’s What Working as a Fleet Mechanic Would Be Like

Many businesses rely on a collection of vehicles, or a company fleet, to complete operations. This can include large trucks, buses, or even bulldozers and other heavy equipment. Mechanics interested…
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4 Opportunities For Career Advancement After Auto Mechanic School

The automotive industry in Canada is expanding rapidly along with the demand for trained specialists in the field. The advantages of an auto mechanic career are supported by the numerous…
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A Guide to Semi-Trucks and Their Engines for Auto Mechanic School Students

If you’ve been on a highway recently, then you’ll know just how common semi-trucks are on the road. These huge vehicles are hard to miss, and serve an important function…
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What Auto Service College Students Should Know About Staying Safe During a Winter Breakdown

At the best of times, car breakdowns are stressful and time-consuming. But what happens if a driver experiences car failure during a cold Canadian winter? A winter breakdown is more…
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