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4 of the Best Used Cars for Teenagers: A Guide for Grads of Auto Sales College

Over the course of an auto sales career, you might help teens choose their very first car. Everyone remembers their first set of wheels. It’s a big step towards independence,…
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Super Sellers: Pros With Automotive Sales Careers Know Which Cars Canada Bought in 2017

The new year is an ideal time for budding auto sales professionals to take stock of which new vehicles the public has been handing over hard-earned cash for. Canadians smashed…
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[Infographic] The Car Salesman’s Guide to Boosting Sales

A career in automotive sales is both exciting and challenging. Every day when you arrive at the dealership you have no idea which customers are going to drive in, what…
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3 Things to Know About Selling Luxury Vehicles After Auto Sales College

Luxury cars are fast, sleek, and the kind of showpiece that a lot of people can’t wait to get their hands on when they come into some money. That doesn’t…
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Why Do Most Customers Walk Out of a Dealership? What Students in Auto Sales College Need to Know

While Canadian car retailers are on track to deliver record sales in 2017, top sales professionals know it’s important to always be on the lookout for new and creative ways…
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