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Why Having Experienced Instructors Is Important for Students in Auto Repair Programs

Launching your start in an automotive career becomes significantly less daunting when you have the support of experienced instructors that have many years of field experience. These instructors provide you…
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How Leak Detection Pumps Work: A Guide for Students in Auto Repair Programs

What would happen if leaks in coolant, oil and other vehicle fluids constantly went unnoticed? At the very least, drivers would be due for some costly repairs. However, with the…
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Exploring Auto Mechanic Careers in Montreal? 4 Reasons to Become a Tire Installer

Are you completing your auto mechanic training and looking for a great entry level career opportunity within the automotive industry? Becoming a tire installer could be right for you. Tire…
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Considering a New Career? A Day in the Life of an Auto Parts Specialist

An auto parts specialist is responsible for managing inventories and processing the distribution of parts and supplies for internal usage. You’ll act as a liaison between the store and the…
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If You’re Learning How to Become a Mechanic, Here’s What You Should Know About Oil Loss

When you spot a dreaded dark puddle under a car, there’s a pretty high chance you’ve got an oil leak on your hands. Once the substance has been confirmed to…
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