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Three FAQs About Electric Cars You’ll Hear After Auto Mechanic Training

Depending on who you ask, electric cars are either going to save the world or are hunks of junk that run out of juice before you can leave your driveway….
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3 Things Auto Mechanics Should Know About Cadillac’s New Escala Concept

In a booming luxury car market, Cadillac has seemingly been left behind. Once an icon of the American dream and boasting some of the largest sales in the auto market,…
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Canadian Auto Mechanics May Soon Work On New Sideways Sliding Wheels

You know that old saying; ‘don’t reinvent the wheel.’ Well, William Liddiard wasn’t listening, because that’s exactly what he did. Liddiard is the inventor of ‘omni-directional’ wheels that can allow…
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Why The All-New Mercedes-Maybach S600 Will Have Auto Mechanics Swooning

The Mercedes S-Class is already one of the best luxury sedans available, and getting the Maybach treatment just takes its features to a whole new level. For Mercedes, the Maybach…
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The Auto Mechanics of Ferrari’s F12 TdF Will Blow You Away

Italian automaker Ferrari recently came up with a unique way of paying homage to the automotive Tour de France—the company unveiled a stunning new model, the F12 TdF. Since Ferrari…
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