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Auto Mechanic Safety: How Crash Testing Helps Reduce Risk for Drivers

It all happens in about 300 milliseconds—airbags deploy to offer some cushiony protection for car occupants, seatbelts snap tight, and reinforced collision points of the car brace for impact. Car…
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[Infographic] : Diesel vs Gas: Which Engine Gets the Gold

Mechanic colleges teach students all about the types of engines they’ll be working on once they graduate and start their careers. Most students know that the first two-stroke kerosene engine…
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2016 Detroit Auto Show: A Recap for Auto Mechanic College Students

The North American International Auto Show, or the Detroit Auto Show, occurs once a year in the month of January. This year’s show took place at Detroit’s Cobo Arena, from…
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Attention Auto Mechanic Students! The Mercedes C-Class Is Back, But Only In Canada

Being a Canadian auto enthusiast can be frustrating. While the country is the 10th largest manufacturer in the world, our smaller population means we don’t often have the same range…
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Infographic: Top Canadian Car Parts Recalls of 2015

With so many recent auto recall scandals, you’d think today’s car owners would be more careful than ever about ensuring their own vehicles are safe to drive. But a recent…
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