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Starting Your Auto Career? 4 Common Radiator Issues You’ll See

The radiator is a crucial component of any vehicle’s cooling system – and when there’s a problem with this car part, it’s more than just inconvenient. Together with the water…
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[Infographic] Why Mechanics Should Know About Autonomous Cars

The future is now, and the development of self-driving cars certainly makes it seem that way. Self-driving vehicles, or autonomous/driverless cars, are vehicles that can sense their environment and drive…
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Training as an Auto Mechanic? How Excessive Heat Can Affect Vehicles In Summer

The summer can be the perfect season for road trips and adventures, but it can also be a time for much-needed car maintenance. Extreme heat can significantly damage a vehicle…
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[Infographic] 5 Qualities of a Top Mechanic

A typical day at the shop for an auto mechanic can involve a wide range of tasks, challenges, and interactions—some of them unexpected. It’s a fulfilling career where you can…
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3 Facts About Electric Vehicle Diagnostics for Your Future Auto Career

Electric vehicle diagnostics are the way of the future. More specifically, they can use technology to monitor the state of the car, as well as provide information about it in…
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