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Enrolled in Mechanic School? Take a Look at the 2022 Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing

If you’re seeking a career as an auto mechanic, there’s a good chance you’ll be intrigued by how the CTV-4 Blackwing runs. This vehicle is not your average sedan, packed…
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Torque Steer and Its Causes Explained for Professionals with Auto Mechanic Training

Torque steer, a phenomenon where a vehicle behaves abnormally when steering, is a problem that often affects front-wheel drive vehicles. This occurs when power is applied unevenly to the drive…
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Exploring Careers in the Auto Industry? 5 Signs Auto Body Estimating is Right for You

Ever thought about who’s responsible for what happens when a vehicle gets into an accident? That role belongs to the auto body estimator, a professional whose job it is to…
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The Difference Between a Driveshaft and Drive Axle Explained for Those with Auto Mechanic Training

There are many components which work together to make a vehicle’s drive train function properly. In order to obtain the right amount of torque and power, a vehicle relies on…
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Your Guide to Choosing a Specialization After Auto Mechanic Training

Within the automotive industry, professionals are needed to perform a wide variety of services on vehicles, leading to a range of opportunities for specialization for automotive school graduates. What’s more,…
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