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What Those with Auto Mechanic Training Should Know About the 2021 Porsche 911

For sports car enthusiasts, the latest models in the Porsche 911 series certainly don’t disappoint. Modern upgrades only serve to make this traditional crowd-pleaser all the more thrilling and refined,…
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How Cars Should be Prepped for Winter: What Every Auto Career Pro Should Know

When the cold whip in the air reminds us that Jack Frost is just around the corner, many car owners will make a quick mental note to get the winter…
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If You’re in Auto Mechanic Training, Here’s How to Know Which Tires to Recommend to a Driver

Pirelli. Michelin. Goodyear. Bridgestone. Sure, lots of top brands spring to mind quickly, but with so many well-known varieties on the market, one car tire tends to look just as…
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3 Tips for Keeping a Car Battery in Good Condition if You Want to Become an Auto Mechanic

When turning the key in our car’s ignition, we expect the engine to instantly kick in without giving much thought as to why or how this action happens. It’s the…
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The Inventors of Luxury: A Quick History of Rolls-Royce for those in Auto Mechanic Training

Standing the test of time with its superior engineering, styling, and reputation, the Rolls-Royce brand continues to unequivocally represent the classiest of luxury vehicles. With its famed “Spirit of the…
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