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Wiper Blades and Rainy Day Repairs

Summer isn’t all sunshine and warm weather. From time to time, you’ll hit a rainy day, which is a good opportunity to make sure the wiper blades on your car…
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Latest in Racecar Technology

One reason why the world of car racing is so exciting is that the technology is constantly evolving. Every year, teams invest a considerable amount of money into research and…
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Celebrating Canada’s Automotive Achievements

The automotive industry in Canada has a long and rich history of success and innovation. Today, Canada is one of the largest auto producers in the world, with its factories…
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Recap from Yorkville’s Exotic Car Show

For the 5th year in a row, the Yorkville Exotic Car Show took over the streets of downtown Toronto, just in time for Father’s Day. What has made this annual…
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Montreal Welcomes Famous Porsche Tuner

Somewhat of a cult figure in the world of car tuning and car customization, Akira Nakai-san of Rauh-Welt Begriff (RWB) is currently in Montreal for the first time to provide…
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