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Enrolled in Auto Mechanic School? Here’s How Car Electrical Systems Work!

The best auto mechanics know that a car is only as good as its electrical system. While a powerful engine gives a car the ‘wow’ factor,  a solid wiring job…
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All-New McLaren 650S Replacement to Launch in 2018

This month, British supercar manufacturer McLaren announced that it is planning to release a replacement for its 650S model. The new McLaren will be hitting the roads sometime in 2018….
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A Look at Some of the Greatest Cars in the Past Decade

At one point or another every automaker has produced a vehicle that has flopped. The Chevrolet SSR is one example of an alarmingly unsatisfactory car. Of course, auto pros recognize…
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New In-Vehicle Technology to Read Blood Alcohol Level

Every year in Canada, there are between 1,250-1,500 impaired driving deaths (including motor boat incidents). This is the equivalent of 3.4-4.1 deaths each day. Imagine if there was a foolproof…
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How to Open an Auto Body Shop

For someone wanting to open an auto body shop of their own, it goes without saying that you will need fixed operations or auto mechanic training and have received a…
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