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Working in a Heavy Duty Truck Repair Facility After Automotive School

Ready to embark on a new career path? If you’ve been considering jobs within the automotive industry, you might want to consider training to become a heavy duty mechanic. Generally,…
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How Enrolling in Auto Mechanic School Can Lead to a Transformative Career Opportunity

Are you ready to make your next career move? Do you want to turn your passion for cars into a full-time job? Training for a career in the automotive industry…
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3 Tips for Servicing Automotive Air Conditioning Systems After Auto Mechanic School

After a busy summer, many car air conditioning systems will have been working overtime. As an auto mechanic, you’ll encounter a number of clients looking to service their AC systems…
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Calling All Automotive School Students! Check Out the 2022 Chevrolet Corvette Z06

Faster, more powerful, and more sleek than any Corvette before it, the upcoming Corvette Z06 is a sports car that’s set to turn heads both on and off the racetrack….
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The Difference Between a Driveshaft and Drive Axle Explained for Those with Auto Mechanic Training

There are many components which work together to make a vehicle’s drive train function properly. In order to obtain the right amount of torque and power, a vehicle relies on…
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