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Car Alternators Explained for Those in Auto Mechanic Courses

For any car with a living, breathing internal combustion engine, alternators are a must-have. Alternators are found in most vehicles, acting as a significant source of charging and electricity.  Bolted…
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What Those With Auto Careers Should Know About the Importance of Keeping Vehicles In Top Condition

A car is either in top condition, or needs to be brought back up to top condition. That’s where the auto mechanic come in. There are 1,0001 ways a car…
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A Quick Car Maintenance Checklist for Those Interested in Auto Mechanic Training

The first step to keeping any car in excellent condition is to properly maintain it. While it’s important that the owner of the vehicle does regular maintenance on their own,…
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An Intro to Coil On Plug Ignition Systems for Those Interested in Auto Mechanic Training

A coil on plug (COP) ignition is a system where an individual ignition coil is placed atop a spark plug, found on the head of the cylinder and separating coils…
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Fuel Efficient Driving Techniques for Students in Auto Mechanic Courses

If drivers want to help the environment, they can start by watching their driving habits! Given how fuel can have a detrimental ecological effect, any strategy drivers can use to…
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