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Fuel Efficient Driving Techniques for Students in Auto Mechanic Courses

If drivers want to help the environment, they can start by watching their driving habits! Given how fuel can have a detrimental ecological effect, any strategy drivers can use to…
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An Intro to Hydraulic Brakes for Those Interested in Auto Mechanic Training

If you’ve ever looked at the brake lines trailing from the handles of a bicycle to the pads lining its wheels, you’ve seen the basic technology behind hydraulic brakes. Systems…
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The Importance of Preventive Maintenance Explained for Those in Auto Mechanic Courses

Cars are some of the most complex and expensive pieces of technology we regularly encounter in our lives. For a lot of people, they’re also essential, and many of us…
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A Brief History of Car Suspension Systems for Those Interested in Auto Mechanic Training

When you think of an automotive suspension system, you might think of flashy hydraulics designed to boost the height of low-riding cars. But suspension systems are more than quirky ways…
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Interested in Auto Mechanic Courses? Discover the History of the Car Spoiler

What do you picture when you think of a car spoiler? You may be imagining the oversize metal wing that hangs off the back of a Fast & Furious-style sports…
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