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Why to Consider Becoming an Automotive Service Consultant After Auto Mechanic School

You may be asking: what exactly is an automotive service advisor? These consultants are employed by car dealerships or service centers. Essentially, their job is to communicate with the client…
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3 Tips for Servicing Automotive Air Conditioning Systems After Auto Mechanic School

After a busy summer, many car air conditioning systems will have been working overtime. As an auto mechanic, you’ll encounter a number of clients looking to service their AC systems…
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Want to Become a Mechanic? Why Practical Training is Essential to Advancing Your Career

If you’re preparing to launch your career as a mechanic, there’s no better way to ensure your success than through practical training. Mechanics have a wide range of practical skills…
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Looking to Become a Mechanic? Consider Working as a Heavy Vehicle Technician

Heavy vehicles are an essential part of large-scale commercial industries, where they’re crucial for transporting goods or passengers across long distances. These vehicles include anything from trucks and tractor units…
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Taking Auto Mechanic Courses? Here’s Why Clients Should Avoid Letting Their Car Sit For Too Long

Getting a second car, working from home, or taking a long trip are just some of the many changes that may cause a car owner to use a vehicle less…
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