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5 Signs of a Worn Out Clutch You May See After Auto Mechanic College

The clutch is the part of the car that is responsible for getting power from the engine to the gearbox, which can then help to turn the wheels. Unfortunately, due…
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Replacing Faulty Ignition Coils After Auto Mechanic College

Every little part of a vehicle plays an important role in keeping it moving. The engine, exhaust, or radiator may be more obvious to the naked eye, but each engineering…
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Why Students at Auto Mechanic College Are Amazed by the BMW M2 Competition

The German car manufacturer has pulled out all the stops this year by giving a big upgrade to its BMW M2 coupe, now the new M2 Competition. The M2 Competition…
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Here’s What Grads of Auto Mechanic College Should Know About the Electric Vintage Car Trend

Vintage cars are something truly special. The grunt of the engine allied with the beautiful sleek exterior of an ancient Ferrari or Mini is a feast for eyes and ears….
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Advice for Grads of Mechanic Programs Working on Contaminated Brake Fluid Reservoirs

The role that brake fluid plays in the operation of most vehicles is a vital one. Without it, transferring the force applied to the brake pedal into the pressure that…
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