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How Students at Auto Mechanic College Spot Faulty Shock Absorbers

Bumps, cracks, and potholes are an unfortunate reality on most roads, and they can have an awful impact on the comfort of drivers. That’s why manufacturers put a lot of…
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Steps to Replacing a Car’s Battery During Your Automotive Career

A car battery isn’t all that similar to the equivalent you find at the back of your television remote control. It’s a heavy and complex component which generates power for…
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Want to Become a Mechanic? Check Out the New 2019 Acura NSX Type R!

There are lots of great cars on the road that are as comfortable during a trip to the shops as they are on a racing track. Lots of manufacturers follow…
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4 Ways Engines Could Improve in the Future: A Preview for Students in Mechanic Training

When it comes to car tech, innovation is the name of the game. To stay ahead of the competition and stay relevant, carmakers need to constantly improve and adapt their…
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Great Career Advancement Opportunities for Grads of Auto Mechanic College

One of the things that drive people towards a certain career is its potential to throw up something new and interesting every day. It’s always important to feel like you’re…
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