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What Causes a Steering Wheel to Shake? 5 Causes Those in Automotive School Should Know

A steering wheel is the mechanism which connects a driver to their vehicle and the road itself, granting them the power to control and handle the car and giving them…
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A Look at the Most Reliable Vehicles on the Market for Auto Mechanic College Students

For many car owners, some of the biggest selling points are performance, specs, and power. Another worth considering is reliability, and how durable the car will be over long stretches…
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How Do Air Suspended Vehicles Actually Work? An Overview for Those in a Mechanic Program

A car without need of suspension? That might sound strange if you’re unaware of the notion—but it’s more doable than you think! While traditional suspension systems help keep cars safe,…
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If You’re in a Mechanic Program, You’ll Want to Know About the New 2021 Acura TLX

With the release of its 2021 TLX luxury sport sedan, Acura appears determined to remind drivers of the thrilling driving experience once so strongly associated with the badge. Presenting as…
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A Brief History of the Hubcap for Anyone Interested in Auto Mechanic College

The modern car comes with a variety of customization and accessory options, with the finish of the hubcap providing that final shiny detail that can truly raise the appearance of…
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