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Why You’ll Continue to See Body-on-Frame SUVs Once You Become a Certified Mechanic

In the world of SUVs, crossovers—unibody vehicles that have a body and frame that are one piece—have been the hottest items for a long time. Older-style body-on-frame (BoF) SUVs, which…
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A Look at Auto Shop Management Software for Pros with Careers in the Auto Industry

For auto industry professionals with a shop or garage to run, having good computer software can help with automating repetitive tasks, keeping work and scheduling on track, and with other…
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[Infographic] A Quick Guide to Spark Plugs

Have you ever wondered what makes a vehicle’s engine start? As professionals with auto mechanic certification know, spark plugs are among the most important parts involved in the process. Spark…
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Want to Become a Mechanic? Here’s the History of Car Lifts

While auto mechanics are generally depicted in movies and TV shows lying on their back rolling out from under a vehicle, that’s often not the reality anymore. Today, auto mechanics…
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Is Bamboo in the Automotive Industry’s Future? What You Might See After Your Auto Mechanic Apprenticeship

Bamboo—it’s not just for furniture and panda food. The question is, tough, could the same properties that make it so attractive for at-home uses—mainly its lightness and strength—also make it…
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