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Infographic: The Benefits of Completing an Apprenticeship as a Mechanic

Are you seeking a career in the auto repair industry? In order to build your skills and land a job, it’s important to complete an apprenticeship as a component of…
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4 Tips for Communicating Bad News to Customers After You Become an Auto Mechanic

Being able to properly handle customer concerns or deliver bad news to customers is essential to the success of an auto shop business. Communication is vital to establishing and nurturing…
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3 Strategies to Enhance Your Resume After Getting Your Auto Mechanic Certification

Writing up a proper resume is one of the most important ways to achieve your dream job within the automotive industry. Having a well-designed resume is a way of positioning…
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Want to Become an Auto Mechanic? Important Practices to Follow When Servicing Drive Lines

The driveline of a car takes the engine’s generated power and converts it into the rotation of the car’s tires. This conversion utilizes the vehicle’s torque and delivers speed to…
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Most Important Preventive Maintenance Services You’ll Perform After Your Auto Mechanic Certification

One of the most important things you need to know about as an auto mechanic, is preventive car maintenance. Without routine maintenance services, the condition of a vehicle will suffer….
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