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Why Having Experienced Instructors Is Important for Students in Auto Repair Programs

Launching your start in an automotive career becomes significantly less daunting when you have the support of experienced instructors that have many years of field experience. These instructors provide you…
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About to Begin Your Auto Mechanic Career? 3 Reasons to Consider Becoming a Lube Rack Specialist

The start to an auto mechanic career is an exciting journey filled with a number of rewarding steps in the process. From first choosing your trade, to completing pre-apprenticeship training,…
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How Leak Detection Pumps Work: A Guide for Students in Auto Repair Programs

What would happen if leaks in coolant, oil and other vehicle fluids constantly went unnoticed? At the very least, drivers would be due for some costly repairs. However, with the…
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Do You Want to Become a Mechanic? Look at Tesla’s Plans for 2020!

Elon Musk: love him or hate him, you can’t say he’s running out of ideas. The tech entrepreneur’s company Tesla is at the forefront of modern development in electric vehicles,…
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How to Build Confidence for an Auto Mechanic Career in 2020

Many people believe that confidence is the key to everything. Arguably, confidence can be learned and practiced the same as any other skill you need to do a tune up…
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