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Taking Auto Technician Courses? Here’s What You’ll Need to Know About Wheel Alignment

Most drivers don’t pay much attention to the wheel alignment of their cars, and this can be a huge and costly mistake. A properly aligned car will drive safer and…
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How to Answer Common Automotive Service Advisor Interview Questions

When people have car trouble, the auto service advisor is usually their first point of contact when they walk into a dealership or garage to get the necessary repairs done….
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Top Hybrids of 2016- A Guide for Students Pursuing Auto Industry Careers

For students pursuing careers in the auto industry, hybrid cars are one of the most important new developments in recent years. The vehicles, which combine traditional gasoline engines with electric…
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Ford Introduces New Auto Technology That Monitors The Health of Drivers

Over the past few years, society has grown increasingly health conscious. In fact, many people continuously keep tabs on their physical health and well-being. Wearable technology, like the Fitbit band,…
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Top 5 Most Common Repairs You’ll Encounter in an Auto Repair Career

  When it comes to car repair problems, there’s a lineup of usual suspects: from spark plugs and brake pads to fuel injectors and more. Whether you would like to…
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