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The Steam Cleaner: 5 Tips for Making the Most of This Tool During Your Auto Detailing Career

Every good auto detailer knows that when you learn how to take advantage of a steam cleaner’s many uses, you’ll be prepared for a successful career. If you’re considering entering…
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Want to Pursue Professional Automotive Detailing? 3 Tips for Using a Dual Action Polisher

How do you think professional auto detailers manage to get a vehicle looking so shiny and new? It all comes down to the use of a dual action polisher. A…
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Completing Your Auto Detailing Training? Here’s a Guide to Removing Swirl Marks

Have you ever noticed that even when some vehicles look clean, you can still notice little webs of scratches on its painted surface when the sun hits it? These scratches…
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A Guide to Used Vehicle Exterior Reconditioning for Those Considering Auto Detailing Careers

Vehicle reconditioning is an important step in the process of preparing a used car for purchase. Reconditioning involves many different repairs and restorations that serve to enhance the appearance of…
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Starting Your Career in Auto Detailing? What to Look For When Choosing a Car Polisher

When it comes to making a vehicle look like it was just purchased from the dealership, a car polishing tool is an auto detailer’s best friend. A good car polisher…
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