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Get Ready for ATC Surrey’s Upcoming Auto Detailing Course

Have you ever thought about a career in auto detailing? Auto detailers are incredibly valuable to car dealerships and garages as they can transform old and dirty vehicles into the…
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Interested in an Auto Detailing Career? Learn How to Protect Car Paint from the Sun

If you’ve ever come back from a few hours outside on a hot day bright red and burnt, then you’ll know how much damage the sun can cause. UV rays…
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4 Reasons You Should Sign Up for ATC’s Auto Detailing Course

Whether it’s the new car smell, the shine of a fresh polish and wax, or the squeaky-clean interior, there’s a lot to appreciate about a freshly detailed auto. Auto detailers…
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Why Auto Detailing Makes Cars Feel Like New for the New Year

The goal of vehicle detailing is to make cars look like new again. This is perfect for entering into 2020, as it can give drivers a sense of a fresh…
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Learn the Right Order for Cleaning a Car for Your Auto Detailing Career

As a professional auto detailer, you must develop a system that allows you to be as effective and thorough as possible. Finding a balance between speed and quality is important…
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