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Starting Your Career in Auto Detailing? What to Look For When Choosing a Car Polisher

When it comes to making a vehicle look like it was just purchased from the dealership, a car polishing tool is an auto detailer’s best friend. A good car polisher…
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Why Those in Auto Detailing Careers Should Pay Attention to Rust

Often disregarded as a cosmetic problem, many drivers don’t understand the full impact that rust can have on their vehicle. When left untreated for too long, rust can even leave…
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Considering an Auto Detailing Career? Here’s Why it’s Important to Prioritize Your Physical Health

Auto detailers work to restore a vehicle’s condition by making improvements to its appearance. These professionals have a wide range of duties, from cleaning vehicle interiors and exteriors to applying…
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How Those with Auto Detailing Training Can Improve Headlight Visibility

Have you ever been driving at night and noticed that some vehicles’ headlights are dimmer than others? Unfortunately, headlights aren’t designed to stay bright forever. In most vehicles, the headlights…
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Using Car Polish vs. Car Wax: The Difference Explained for Those with Auto Detailing Training

When it comes time to do an auto detailing job, the difference between a great one and a good one can be based on the tools you use. This is…
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