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Get Ready for ATC Surrey’s Upcoming Auto Detailing Course

Have you ever thought about a career in auto detailing? Auto detailers are incredibly valuable to car dealerships and garages as they can transform old and dirty vehicles into the…
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Interested in an Auto Detailing Career? Learn How to Protect Car Paint from the Sun

If you’ve ever come back from a few hours outside on a hot day bright red and burnt, then you’ll know how much damage the sun can cause. UV rays…
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4 Reasons You Should Sign Up for ATC’s Auto Detailing Course

Whether it’s the new car smell, the shine of a fresh polish and wax, or the squeaky-clean interior, there’s a lot to appreciate about a freshly detailed auto. Auto detailers…
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What’s in My Tool Kit? A Guide to Essential Equipment Needed for Professional Automotive Detailing

In many ways, a professional automotive detailer is as good as the tools at their disposal. Whichever detailing project you may find yourself doing, having the best possible equipment is…
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The Hardest Car Parts to Clean Throughout Your Auto Detailing Career

Cleaning certain car parts can be harder than others. While just about every part of a car will present its own set of challenges during cleaning, certain ones can be…
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