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The Top 5 Car Interiors of 2020 Everyone With an Auto Detailing Career Should Check Out!

It’s not just how a car looks on the outside — the inside counts just as much, if not more. Although there are many 2020 models that offer drivers plenty…
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Considering Auto Detailing Training? These Are Some Essential Car Detailing Products to Keep in Your Kit!

A great auto detailing job is nothing without the best auto detailing equipment. Therefore, you’ll need to have all the essentials at your disposal whenever your detailing project requires them. …
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Here’s How To Detail a Car Interior Like a Pro For Those in Auto Detailing Training

When detailing any vehicle, it’s important to pay just as much attention to the inside as it is to the outside. If there’s dirt, dust, or any other debris throughout…
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Interested in Auto Detailing Training? Here’s What to Look for in a Detailing Brush

Want an easy way to get rid of dirt in even the trickiest of places? You’ll need an auto detailing brush. Having the best possible auto detailing brush can allow…
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5 Facts About Paint Protection Films for Those Interested in Auto Detailing Training

Auto detailers are like magicians. They take vehicles into their hands, and when their job is done, it’s almost like having a different car. By reconditioning vehicles, auto detailers can…
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