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Considering an Auto Detailing Career? Here’s Why it’s Important to Prioritize Your Physical Health

Auto detailers work to restore a vehicle’s condition by making improvements to its appearance. These professionals have a wide range of duties, from cleaning vehicle interiors and exteriors to applying…
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How Those with Auto Detailing Training Can Improve Headlight Visibility

Have you ever been driving at night and noticed that some vehicles’ headlights are dimmer than others? Unfortunately, headlights aren’t designed to stay bright forever. In most vehicles, the headlights…
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Ceramic Coating vs. Paint Protection: A Guide for Auto Detailing Students

After a while, a vehicle’s paint job is going to lose the shine and glimmer it had when it was first bought. Not only that, but damage from factors like…
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A Guide to Vehicle Mold Removal for Professionals in an Auto Detailing Career

Mold can grow in many environments, and sadly for some, that includes the inside of vehicles. Under the right conditions, mold can flourish. When trash is left in a vehicle,…
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Want an Auto Detailing Career? 4 Tips for Cleaning & Repairing Convertible Tops

A convertible top is the unique feature that makes this vehicle appealing to so many, enabling drivers to travel with the top down and experience the fresh air from the…
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