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Removing Bird Poop from a Vehicle’s Paint: A How-To for Those in Auto Detailing Training

Car lovers and enthusiasts typically go to great lengths to ensure that their cars are in excellent condition, making sure it feels great and looks spotless. Despite some of these…
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If You’re in an Auto Detailing Career, Here’s How to Get Rid of the Smell of Smoke in a Vehicle

The smell of cigarette smoke is very difficult to remove from a vehicle since it can remain within its upholstery for long periods of time. This issue sometimes arises in…
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3 Qualities Every Professional with Auto Detailing Training Should Possess

Working as an auto detailer can be a rewarding job, particularly as you play a key role in reconditioning old vehicles and making them look and feel brand new. Auto…
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What Those in Auto Detailing Should Know About Windshield Treatment for Rain

Trying to get home when it’s dark and pouring rain can be more than a little frustrating. Even with the windshield wipers turned to their highest setting, those oncoming headlights…
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3 Things Those Interested in Auto Detailing Training Might Not Know About Paint Correction

If there’s one thing that’s sure to spruce up a neglected vehicle, it’s a good paint correction job. The process of refurbishing a paint job is done by eliminating any…
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