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A Brief History of Auto Detailing for Those Interested in Auto Detailing Training

Detailing isn’t just about car fanatics obsessively polishing and buffing so they can fall in love with their cars all over again. Way beyond that, the process of cleaning and…
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What Those in Auto Detailing School Should Know About Keeping Cars COVID-Free

As the world continues to grapple with the fallout from COVID-19, car owners and people relying on vehicles for their livelihood will be wondering how to keep their vehicles safely…
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How to Remove Car Wax Like a Pro After Auto Detailing Training

If you want car paint to look as good as new, you’ll have to remove wax first. Although placing new layers of carnauba wax on a vehicle is meant to…
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Which Car Colour Is Easiest to Care for? What Those Interested in Auto Detailing Training Should Know

Some car colours are easier to maintain and keep clean than others. Certain colours are also more easily able to hide dirt, as well as paint scratches or other such…
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The Top 5 Car Interiors of 2020 Everyone With an Auto Detailing Career Should Check Out!

It’s not just how a car looks on the outside — the inside counts just as much, if not more. Although there are many 2020 models that offer drivers plenty…
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