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The Truth Behind 5 Common Auto Detailing Myths

The benefits of auto detailing are more than skin deep! Proper auto detailing involves removing oxidization and bonded contamination from a vehicle’s exterior, and thoroughly assessing the auto body in…
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The Auto Detailing Student’s Guide to Waterless Car Washing

The traditional way of using a hose and soap bucket is what comes to mind when most people think of washing their cars. In recent years, waterless car washing has…
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An Auto Detailing Student’s Guide to the Different Types of Surface Scratches

Anyone will admit that when the paint on a car gets scratched, it can make the vehicle look a lot less appealing. Scratches make a paint job look neglected and…
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Caring for Cars: Auto Detailing Equipment Found in Every Shop

In the auto detailing business, having the right tools for the job is a necessary part of offering a high-quality service. In fact, this can also save your shop a…
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A Quick Guide to Starting Your Own Auto Detailing Business

Would you like to turn your love of cars into a rewarding and successful career? If you’re passionate about the automotive industry, auto detailing is one of the most lucrative…
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