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Thinking About Careers in the Auto Industry? Be Inspired by These Celebrity Cars

When you have cash to burn, you might as well spend it on a fancy new whip! Celebrities have driven some fancy cars over the years, and many of those…
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Top Soft Skills Necessary for Happy and Harmonious Auto Mechanic Careers

In order to build great teams, motivate others, and exude professionalism, soft skills are important. These are the kinds of skills that can sometimes be a bit hard to define,…
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What Students in Auto Mechanic School Should Know About the Retooled 2019 Nissan Altima

In an automotive market where customers continue to vote with their wallets for SUVs and crossovers, the mid-sized car segment has been struggling. Nissan has made a bold decision in…
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4 Auto Career Myths Debunked

Even though auto mechanics have been around for a long time, there is a lot of misinformation floating around about what their careers are actually like. Because of that, students…
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Pros with Auto Certification Give Back: 7-Millionth Civic Donated to Rally for Kids with Cancer

After 29 years of operating in Canada, Honda has reached another milestone by recently having built its 7-millionth vehicle at its automotive production plant located in Alliston, Ontario. While the…
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