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If You Want to Become an Auto Mechanic, Here’s the Difference Between Leveling and Lifting a Car’s Suspension

Drivers who want more ground clearance, height, or bigger tires for their vehicle will need to either lift or level their suspension. This is particularly the case if they own…
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All-Season vs. All-Terrain Tire Treads: Those in Automotive School Should Know Which Drives Better in the Snow

Without the right kind of tires, driving in the snow can leave drivers in a bad spot. Anyone braving the elements will need tire treads providing the right amount of…
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What Is Downhill Cruise Control? Hill Descent Control Explained for Those in Automotive School

Downhill cruise control allows drivers to have the safest possible ride down a steep incline. Also known as hill descent control, this system allows anti-lock brake systems and traction control…
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In Auto Mechanic School? Here’s What Determines the Best Car for a Commuter

Certain vehicles are better suited for daily trips to and from the workplace, providing greater safety, security, cost-efficiency, and comfort. These are just some of the various qualities that can…
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What’s in a GPS? A List of Everything a Vehicle’s GPS System Should Have for Those in Auto Careers

In the old days, drivers really had to know where they were going before they got in their cars. The absence of smartphones meant having routes pre-planned, and asking for…
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