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The History of RVs and Truck Campers for Those With Auto Careers

Canadians, and North Americans in general, have long valued the freedom of the open road, going to great lengths to explore the expansive scenery the land has to offer. The…
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What Those in Auto Detailing Training Should Know About Leather Car Upholstery Care

Leather seats are often high on a car buyer’s list of must-haves, providing a look and feel that just screams luxury. Yet many of those same car owners don’t usually…
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2022 Hyundai Tucson: What Those in Automotive Sales Training Should Know

We’ve seen a lot of mainstream affordable compact crossover SUVs unveiled over the years, with each new release garnering little more than halted applause and a whole lot of yawns….
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What Those With Auto Careers Should Know About Hyundai and Kia’s Latest Recalls

Hyundai and Kia have announced recalls on more than 800,000 sedans and SUVs in both Canada and the U.S. this month following electrical short issues that may cause engine fires….
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A Brief History of the Car Muffler for Those With Auto Careers

Whenever you hear a car without a muffler, it’s a swift reminder of just how important this device is for stifling noise pollution. Not only does a car cruising around…
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