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What Is Game-Based Automotive Technology Training & How Can it Enhance Your Auto Career?

As automotive technology becomes more and more complex, the prospect of learning about how this technology works becomes increasingly challenging. Students enrolled in automotive technology training must build the skills…
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Exploring Careers in the Auto Industry? 5 Signs Auto Body Estimating is Right for You

Ever thought about who’s responsible for what happens when a vehicle gets into an accident? That role belongs to the auto body estimator, a professional whose job it is to…
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In Auto Mechanic Training? 5 Automotive Technology Trends to Watch for in 2021

If there’s one factor changing the auto industry, it’s the advancements being made in the technology utilized in vehicles. Today’s modern vehicles are equipped with a whole host of new…
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Entering an Auto Career? 4 Reasons Why Automotive Handling Is Important

Good vehicle handling refers to a driver’s ability to exert control over their vehicle, and depends on the proper functioning of a vehicle’s suspension system, wheels, tires and steering system….
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Regenerative vs. Friction Braking Systems: The Difference Explained for Anyone Pursuing an Auto Career

As more and more drivers opt for hybrid or electric vehicles, regenerative braking systems have become increasingly common to use. While traditional fiction brakes are known primarily for stopping the…
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