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How to Fix the Most Common Steering Issues You’re Likely to See in Your Auto Career

There are a whole range of things that can go wrong in a car and affect steering. Whether it’s a problem with steering fluid, tire pressure, or suspension, steering issues…
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3 Facts About Electric Vehicle Diagnostics for Your Future Auto Career

Electric vehicle diagnostics are the way of the future. More specifically, they can use technology to monitor the state of the car, as well as provide information about it in…
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5 Questions to Ask Potential Car Buyers After Car Sales Training

It is sometimes said that a good sales person can sell a ketchup popsicle to a person in white gloves. But what about giving a customer what they actually want?…
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[Infographic] A Guide to the World’s Most Reliable Cars

Reliability is at the top of the list for many car buyers. The definition of a reliable vehicle is different from driver to driver. Someone who carts themselves to and…
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If You’re Entering an Auto Career, Check Out Ford City Insights AI

Artificial intelligence has established more and more of a place in auto technology, and car manufacturers are wasting little time taking advantage. Take, for example, Ford’s newest initiative: Ford City…
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