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4 Common Issues You’ll See After Auto Body Technician Training

For an aspiring technician who wants to specialize in auto body repair, you’ll be interested to know the common issues you’ll encounter that cause auto body damage to your customers’…
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How to Communicate Effectively With Clients When You Become an Auto Body Repair Technician

As an auto body repair technician, you’ll be the go-to person when a customer’s vehicle requires repairs after sustaining any damages. That’s why it’s critical that you and everyone in…
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3 Mistakes to Avoid When Pursuing an Auto Body Repair Technician Career

If you’re aspiring to become a technician in auto body repair, you need to have the skills, knowledge, and patience to provide a great quality of service for your customers…
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Tips for Conducting Damage Appraisals as an Auto Body Repair Technician

If you’re passionate about cars, then a career in auto body repair would be very rewarding for you. But for you to have a successful career, you’ll need to know…
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Tips for Writing a Winning Cover Letter After Auto Body Technician Training

When you apply for a job with just a resume within the auto body repair field, you are undermining your chances of landing the prospective role. Along with a resume,…
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