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Wheel Alignment vs. Tire Balance: Understanding the Difference as an Auto Body Repair Technician

Not all tire issues are created equal. Tire balancing and wheel alignments are both procedures that stabilize vehicles, enabling a safe and smooth driving experience. However, what many people don’t…
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Considering Auto Body Technician Training? 3 Possible Areas of Specialization Upon Entering the Field

The auto body industry is becoming increasingly varied, with skilled auto body technicians finding work in specialized areas. Whether you hope to work for a car dealership, an independent garage,…
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3 Reasons to Consider Formal Training if You Want to Become an Auto Body Repair Technician

Auto body technicians have various tasks and responsibilities, typically working on damaged vehicles to assess and repair the damages. This means providing estimates for repair services and restoring the vehicle’s…
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Considering Auto Body Technician Training? 3 Reasons Why Excellent Customer Service Skills Are Critical

For anyone considering a career as an auto body technician, being an excellent communicator who enjoys talking to people is a must. Although having the necessary technical knowledge is obviously…
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What Sets the 2022 Nissan Pathfinder Apart? A Quick Look for Aspiring Auto Body Repair Technicians

The Pathfinder has been a great option for family transportation since it first came out in 1986. However, the latest iteration comes with some exciting changes that set it apart…
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