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Signs of a Bent Frame

When we think of a bent vehicle frame, we might assume that it will be easy to spot. Bent frames are often the result of an accident or a collision,…
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Any Auto Body Repair Technician Will Love the 2021 Chevrolet Suburban

The vehicle that has pretty much set the standard for SUVs since it was created is coming back in 2021, bigger and better than ever. The Chevrolet Suburban, a full-sized…
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Considering Auto Body Technician Training? Check Out the 4 Biggest Design Failures in Automotive History

It’s no secret that car fanatics love reminiscing about great cars with cool designs and impressive specs. That said, many also enjoy remembering the terrible choices and bad designs that…
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5 Body-on-Frame SUVs That Will Impress Those with Auto Body Technician Training

When building a vehicle, manufacturers will choose between two methods of construction: body-on-frame or unibody construction. With body-on-frame constructions, the body and the frame are two separate pieces—while in a…
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Adaptive Headlights Explained for Those with Auto Body Technician Training

The future of cars has arrived—all the way down to the headlights. Helping to brighten up the path ahead, adaptive headlights are engineered to adjust to driver actions. When steering…
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