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Becoming an Auto Body Repair Technician? Learn About the Bumper Replacement Process Here!

Life on the job as an auto body technician is quite the experience as you come across all different types of issues to resolve. Your expertise in your field coupled…
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Becoming an Auto Body Repair Technician? Here’s a Look at the Auto Body Apprenticeship Process

Auto body technician courses train career-oriented individuals in a variety of skill sets, and allow students to specialize in disciplines they are particularly interested in, such as repairs. A career…
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Becoming an Auto Body Repair Technician? 3 Tips for Frame Straightening

Within the automotive industry, auto body repair technicians are experts at automotive repair. When a vehicle sustains damage in an accident, it’s up to an auto body technician to conduct…
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3 Qualities of Every Successful Auto Body Repair Technician

There is considerable demand for trained workers who are looking to embark on a dynamic and practical career in the auto industry. As a repair technician, you’ll be working in…
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Great Resume Writing Tips for Those Entering Auto Body Technician Careers

There are plenty of opportunities today to land a professional position as an auto body technician. The best way to begin your career search is by crafting a winning resume…
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