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Becoming an Auto Body Technician? Check out the 2020 Maserati Line-Up

Italian automaker Maserati has revealed plans to step it up a gear this year with an impressive 2020 line-up, all carrying a cheaper price tag. Originally a race car brand,…
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3 Exciting Kits for the Auto Body Technician Student

Body kits are becoming more and more popular as car enthusiasts look to customize their vehicles and add statement features that can improve the drive experience. At some point in…
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What Does the 2020 BMW X6 Look Like? Here’s a Peek for the Aspiring Auto Body Technician

The original SUV coupe has gotten a facelift for the new decade. Building on the foundation already set by the German automaker’s most recent X5 model, the 2020 BMW X6…
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Advantages of LED Headlights for the Auto Body Technician

Although the technology has only been until relatively recently and came even later to cars, Light-Emitting Diodes—better known as LEDs—have been around since 1962. They were invented by Nick Holonyak…
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How to Use Body Filler to Repair Dents as an Auto Body Technician

Body filler is a thick resin that is commonly used to repair dents, and brands such as 3M’s Bondo are often utilized for this type of repair. When done properly,…
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