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Interested in Auto Body Training? What It’s Like to Work as an Auto Body Refinisher

It’s a great step towards your future to be considering a career as an auto body refinisher. In this specialized field, you will be responsible for repairing and restoring damaged…
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Launching a Career in Auto Body Repair? Discover the Unique 2022 GMC Hummer EV

If you’re getting your foot in the door in the autobody industry, you obviously have a passion for cars and want to stay up to date on the latest in…
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A Guide to Hybrid Energy Storage Systems for the Aspiring Auto Body Repair Technician

Hybrid electric-drive vehicles are relatively new in North America, and are becoming increasingly more common as advances are made in hybrid technology. Major draws to owning a hybrid vehicle are…
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Becoming an Auto Body Technician? Understanding the Safety of Hybrid Vehicles

It’s no secret that there are some major differences between hybrid and gas-powered vehicles. While gas-powered vehicles obtain their power solely from an internal combustion engine, hybrid vehicles run on…
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Considering a Career in Auto Body Repair? What to Look for in a Training Program

When it comes to working in auto body repairs, developing a good theoretical and practical foundation is essential. Auto body jobs are getting highly specialized. You can be an expert…
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