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Pursuing a Career in Auto Body Repair? Here’s how to Remove Car Emblems

In the world of auto body work, ‘debadging’ is the process of removing manufacturer emblems from a vehicle in order to give it a smooth, customized look. Some people who…
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5 Of The Most Expensive Automotive Painting Options

Auto enthusiasts can spend a lot of money trying to make their cars stand out. Some will invest in custom rims, spoilers, tinted windows, and other body features, but for…
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Breathe Easy: A Guide to Dust Masks for Future Auto Painting Professionals

Protecting your lungs is one of the most important safety precautions you can take when working in an auto body or custom paint shop. When paint, clear coats, and primers…
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Calling All Students in Auto Body Schools: Keep Your Eyes Peeled for 3 Star Wars-Themed Dodge Cars!

The long-anticipated movie, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, was finally released to the many patient Canadian fans who have been awaiting the film for quite some time. However, fans in…
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Paint Guns: What You’ll Need To Know Before Starting Your Automotive Painting Career

Spray guns are used as the standard way of applying an even coat of paint to vehicle panels without having to worry about brush strokes affecting a car’s finished look….
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