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Starting Your Own Body Shop: A Helpful Guide to Jumpstart a New Career

Auto body repair is something car owners will always need. Body shops provide service on a daily basis to clients in need of all kinds of repairs, from minor dents,…
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Back to School for Auto Body Technician Training: 5 Essential Study Tips to Know

Studying a trade poses different joys and rewards because of its emphasis on practical training. This makes the learning experience much more enjoyable, as you work closely on bodywork problems…
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Want to Become an Auto Body Technician? Here’s a Look at 4 of the Best-looking Cars Available Now

Part of what makes becoming an auto body technician so rewarding is that it offers the chance to work on cars of all kinds. Gorgeous convertibles, sleek luxury sedans, and…
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Carbon Fibre Repair Tips to Consider while Training at Auto Body Schools

Modern driving necessities like air conditioning units, on-board computers, and hybrid power technology have made the average car heavier. Manufacturers are therefore dedicating a lot of time to weight-shedding measures…
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Aerodynamic Car Parts: An Intro for Grads of Auto Body Schools

Compare the shape of the first great production car, the Model T Ford, and any of our modern road vehicles. The original Ford was box-shaped with little or no consideration…
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