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3 Types of Windows to Be Aware of If You’re Considering Auto Body Schools

An auto body repairer needs to be as well versed in windows as in dings and dents. In addition to reviewing damage reports, preparing cost estimates, removing damaged body parts,…
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A Look at the Evolution of Hood Ornaments for Students in Auto Body Schools

Hood ornaments: they stuck out like a sore thumb, but they sure made a car look classy. Although they were once a sign of coolness and great branding, they are…
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What Students in Auto Body Schools Should Know about Different Bumpers and How they Work

Bumpers first started popping up on automobiles around 1915, at first only on the fronts of cars. They were quite thin and much more suited to decoration than protection. By…
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What Students in Auto Body Schools Should Know about Untended Dents

After a while, cars are inevitably going to experience some wear and tear. However, if enough damage has been inflicted upon a client’s car that dents are still visible, getting…
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An Introduction to Auto Foam for Students in Auto Body Schools

In collision repair, auto body technicians will often come across auto foam in doors, quarter panel cells, or in bumpers. It appears in various cavities throughout a vehicle, as a…
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