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Tell Us Your Favourite Fantasy Car Feature

Modern cars can’t beat the features we see onscreen. Think cars that can drive underwater, or that let you travel back in time—stuff you’d love to see after auto mechanic…
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The Lowdown on Sunroofs and Moonroofs for Students in Auto Body Repair Courses

For some drivers, a regular old car roof just won’t cut it. No, what they want is a good old sunroof. Or is it a moonroof? The two terms have…
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Considering Careers in the Auto Industry? Visit Automotive Training Centre’s Trades Open House!

If you’re thinking about embarking on a career in the auto industry, you probably have a few questions about what your future will hold. Maybe you’re curious about what a…
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Kia’s Comeback Explained for Aspiring Auto Body Repair Technicians

When you picture a Kia Motors vehicle, what do you think of? Do you envision quality, style, safety, and reliability? If you answered yes to any of those, you probably…
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What Students in Car Body Repair Courses Need to Know About Smart Cars and Collision Safety

Since the iconic smart car, the Smart ForTwo, first made its appearance in North America, car buyers have been a little sceptical about the car’s safety. The miniature, almost toy-like…
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