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Considering Auto Body Technician Training? 3 Reasons Why Excellent Customer Service Skills Are Critical

For anyone considering a career as an auto body technician, being an excellent communicator who enjoys talking to people is a must. Although having the necessary technical knowledge is obviously…
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What Sets the 2022 Nissan Pathfinder Apart? A Quick Look for Aspiring Auto Body Repair Technicians

The Pathfinder has been a great option for family transportation since it first came out in 1986. However, the latest iteration comes with some exciting changes that set it apart…
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Removing Clear Coat: A Brief Guide for Students in Auto Body Technician Training

If you’ve ever seen a shiny-looking vehicle, chances are, clear coat is responsible for its dazzling exterior. A clear coat is a translucent paint layer composed of acrylic or polyester…
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A Brief Guide to Brake Cleaning for Those With Auto Body Training

For any car owner, clean and well-maintained brakes are key to a smooth, comfortable ride. As such, having brakes regularly cleaned is an important part of good automotive maintenance. But…
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Signs of a Bent Frame

When we think of a bent vehicle frame, we might assume that it will be easy to spot. Bent frames are often the result of an accident or a collision,…
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