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Colour Match Painting: A Brief Guide for Students in Auto Body Technician Training

Have you ever wondered how vehicles are refinished when their paint gets scratched or chipped? You might assume that the vehicle is simply repainted in a quick and painless process….
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Launching a Career in Auto Body Repair? Discover the Unique 2022 GMC Hummer EV

If you’re getting your foot in the door in the autobody industry, you obviously have a passion for cars and want to stay up to date on the latest in…
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Considering a Career in Auto Body Repair? What to Look for in a Training Program

When it comes to working in auto body repairs, developing a good theoretical and practical foundation is essential. Auto body jobs are getting highly specialized. You can be an expert…
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Advantages of LED Headlights for the Auto Body Technician

Although the technology has only been until relatively recently and came even later to cars, Light-Emitting Diodes—better known as LEDs—have been around since 1962. They were invented by Nick Holonyak…
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How Students in Auto Body Training Can Get Rid of Tree Sap

There are many different ways that a car’s paint can become damaged. Fingerprints can push dirt and debris into the paint and these blemishes may be hard to remove. Water…
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