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3 Skills to Know for Paintless Dent Repair After Auto Body Training

If you decide to work at an auto body repair shop after your training, you’ll likely encounter plenty of cars with dents. Paintless dent repair, or PDR for short, is…
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An Introduction to Auto Foam for Students in Auto Body Schools

In collision repair, auto body technicians will often come across auto foam in doors, quarter panel cells, or in bumpers. It appears in various cavities throughout a vehicle, as a…
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A Guide to Spoilers for Students in Auto Body Schools

When air flows around a car, it can create two things. First, it causes drag, which is a force that runs parallel and in the same direction as airflow, resisting…
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3 Things for Students in Auto Body Repair Courses to Know About New Developments in Carbon Fibre

In 1981, the McLaren MP4/1 Formula One race car became the first motor vehicle to use a carbon fibre chassis. Ever since then, automotive enthusiasts have obsessed over this lightweight…
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Interested in Auto Body Schools? Here’s What You Need to Know About the Exploding Sunroof Problem

In the past few years, a peculiar phenomenon has been on the rise across Canada, specifically incidents where sunroofs spontaneously ‘explode’, shattering to pieces and giving drivers and passengers alike…
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