Super Sellers: Pros With Automotive Sales Careers Know Which Cars Canada Bought in 2017

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The new year is an ideal time for budding auto sales professionals to take stock of which new vehicles the public has been handing over hard-earned cash for. Canadians smashed the previous record for vehicle sales in 2017, with auto sales professionals landing a grand total of 2,038,796 sales throughout the year. Breaking down the data, both existing and new sales trends have helped shape this year’s figures, pointing to an evolving but very healthy sales environment in the country.

Here’s a closer look at what these numbers mean for aspiring car sales students.

Pros With Auto Sales Careers Report Canada Went Wild for Trucks in 2018

Over the last decade, the sight of a new pickup cruising past on the highway has grown familiar. Canadians went crazy for big name trucks again in 2017, to the extent that the five top-selling vehicles in the country featured four trucks among them. Reigning king of the road, the Ford F-Series topped overall sales figures with 155,290 sold, up 7 per cent from 2016 figures.

Competitors in the form of Ram, GMC Sierra, and Chevy Silverado pickups took the second, fourth, and fifth spots respectively, but Ford remains far and away the biggest seller. The manufacturer has high hopes that popularity in Canada could help turn around low overall vehicle sales in the US (which dipped by 2 per cent in 2017, in stark contrast with Canada).

The Civic Thrives: A Familiar Tale for Those With Long Careers in the Auto Industry

Think of the classic first car bought by a young professional or growing family, and the dependable Honda Civic will likely spring to mind. The Civic had another great year in 2017, with burgeoning sales to the tune of 69,030 pushing the car well in front of its closest rivals. Newer high performance choices like the Type R option helped to increase the driving appeal of the Civic, which has now progressed through a mighty ten generations and has firmly cornered the market for new compact vehicles sales in Canada. Seasoned pros with careers in the auto industry have now seen the Civic top that bracket for the last 20 years.

High Sales and Competition Among SUVs

A few years ago, it seemed to professionals with automotive sales careers that SUVs were completely taking over the auto sales market. Sales of these big, family-friendly vehicles remained strong across the country last year, with stalwarts like Toyota’s RAV4 coming in as the sixth best-selling new vehicle out there. However, it remains a highly competitive space, with the likes of the Honda CR-V and Nissan Rogue closing in on Toyota. The gaggle of SUVs that duked it out over the year means that new models that can boast assisted driving features, better fuel economy, and onboard entertainment could steal the SUV prize in 2018.

Corolla Be Rollin’: An Excellent Year for an Ontario-Produced Car

The Toyota Corolla had a very good 2017, with sales surging by 10 per cent to 50,332, becoming the eight best-selling vehicle in the country and seeing off stiff competition from the likes of Hyundai’s Sonata and Elantra. Assembled right outside Cambridge Ontario, recently added interior options—including a heated steering wheel—and the easy drive it offers helped the Corolla prevail in what is a hotly contested corner of the market.

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