Summertime Car Problems You’ll Likely See Once You Become an Auto Service Advisor

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Each season brings its own unique problems for cars, especially the summer. The combination of heat, road construction, and the tendency to drive long distances for summer road trips all contribute to wearing out a car faster than normal. As a future automotive service advisor, it’s important to be aware of the common issues that may arise with cars in the summer. By knowing what these problems are, you can advise your clients on preventative measures, and diagnose problems even faster if they do end up in the shop with a broken down vehicle.

Want to learn more about summer car problems? Read on to discover three issues you may encounter during your career.

Auto Service Advisors Will Likely See Dead Batteries During the Summer

Many individuals believe that the cold is the number one enemy of car batteries, but the summer heat is actually the true culprit. Heat and humidity can both impact a battery’s ability to operate. At extreme heats, the liquids inside of a battery can begin warming up and eventually start evaporating. This can cause severe damage to the inside of the battery, and possibly even render it completely useless. When you consider the strain road trips in hot weather can have on a car’s battery, it’s no wonder summer is a common time for professionals with an automotive service advisor career to encounter dead batteries.

During the Summertime, Auto Service Advisors Often See Overheating Problems

There’s no question that hot weather can cause cars to overheat. Cooling systems can be very complex, with plenty of parts that could break and cause a car to heat up to dangerous levels. Even a simple crack in a hose could cause coolant to leak into or out of the vehicle, and without proper levels of coolant, it won’t be long before the vehicle is steaming on the side of the road.

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Hot weather can make cars overheat faster

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to prevent overheating in the summer, and most of them involve proactively preparing the vehicle for the summer months. Making sure that the vehicle has fresh coolant and clean oil, and that the cooling system is working properly, should be something every vehicle owner does before the start of the summer. As an auto service advisor, you can help by advising your clients on what work they need to have done to their car to keep it safe for the warm months.

Auto Service Advisors Will Likely See Flat Tires During the Summer Months

It doesn’t take long for a flat tire to ruin even the best family summer road trips, and flat tires in the summer months are very common. Hot roads, potholes leftover from the winter, and construction can all wreak havoc on tires. Flat tires are even more likely to happen to drivers who keep them filled up to the maximum pressure point, which strains them even further. To help combat this problem, make sure your clients are driving appropriate seasonal tires. In addition, suggest that they check their tire pressure on a regular basis so they can ensure that the air pressure stays at optimal levels.

Auto service advisors will notice that hot weather can lead to an increase in flat tires
Auto service advisors will notice that hot weather can lead to an increase in flat tires

Don’t forget to remind your clients that they shouldn’t throw away a popped tire right away. Advise them to always come into your shop first to see if the tire can be repaired.

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